1 July 2011

Pain in Poinen

Starwalker had been stalking the heavens rather unsuccessfully with the Rifter, finding few targets but many heavy assault cruisers and battlecruisers out hunting. Taking on a cruiser would be far too ambitious in lowsec and very dicey in hisec. Whilst out and about another Rebel noted that some war targets were giving him some smack talk in Poinen – time to bring the pain!

Starwalker collected more ammunition and started the trek to Poinen. Intelligence was showing that five targets had gathered in Poinen and so the discussion turned to how to divide and conquer. It was at that moment that Starwalker noticed a single target in Nomaa, just outside Poinen - the101ace was flying a Ferox (Battlecruiser) but he docked up. By now three Rebels were on location all in Rifters and it was agreed to go for the Ferox and to watch each of the three gates: Geras, Saisio and Poinen.

Suddenly Tomba called point and that the101ace had jumped into Poinen. Starwalker and Zodiac Black quickly arrived on scene but Tomba was close to done and was soon destroyed (http://r1fta.killmail.org/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=10044683). The Ferox then turned its 250mm guns on to Starwalker and with the flight of Hobgoblins I the shields were being decimated by all of the fire. So Starwalker decided it was time to leave as soon he would have no ship. Zodiac also disengaged as not only was he outgunned but now only two rebels were sharing a system with six war targets. There was prey in Poinen and they would fight. It was time to call for reinforcements... and the call was answered.

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