7 July 2011

Logistics: Hauler Alt

There are a number of guides available for creating a hauler alt. Starwalker now has a Minmatar clone called Starstepper. This decision was based on one of those guides recommending the Mammoth, which only required training to level IV. Gallente ships would offer a larger hauling capacity with the Iteron Mark V but also a longer training time to get there.

Starstepper did a neural remap to emphasise Perception and Willpower – the two key attributes to reduce training time for Industrial IV and completed the training:

·         Minmatar Frigate III, a pre-requisite for Minmatar Industrial
·         Hull Upgrades II, to fit four: Expanded Cargohold II
·         Minmatar Industrial IV, to fly the Mammoth
Starstepper will be able to complete any buying and hauling operations in hisec if Starwalker is restricted to lowsec, at least until battleships need to be purchased and moved.

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