6 July 2011

Another Rifter becomes a Fireball

Starwalker was cruising an asteroid belt looking for trouble and it found him this time. The annoying rattle on the right was still there but maybe it would last one more fight. A Myrmidon battlecruiser had seen Starwalker's little Rifter in the belt and it had gone red but taking on a battlecruiser was a little ambitious in a frigate.

No guts no glory. Starwalker moved into orbit, opened fire and pointed the battlecruiser piloted by DeathScythe3. It started well but the Myrmidon released its flight of Warrior II drones. The warriors rushed in and started to apply the pain. The Myrmidon was starting into armour but even though the warriors missed regularly they also hit regularly and the shields were nearly gone. In a shield Rifter that is not good.

Starwalker decided it was time to leave and hit the warp button – to no effect. Halfway into armour Starwalker hit the warp button again, now desperate to escape but there was no escape and Starwalker's trusty little Rifter became a fireball (http://r1fta.killmail.org/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=10071447). The Myrmidon was clearly also out hunting and had found its prey.

Starwalker warped his pod out and back to base and on the long trip home considered what he had learnt:
·         Check the pilot's killboard before engaging. This would have shown the pilot had lost many ships but also killed a few, so very likely to be setup for PvP. This would probably have been enough information to decide to not attack a battlecruiser in a frigate
·         Once engaged, kill any drones fast. It was the drones that were really applying the pain and Starwalker left it too late to start attacking them.
Starwalker's final thought – no need to worry about the rattle on the Rifter's right anymore

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