27 June 2011

First Solo Kill

Starwalker headed out into the great unknown looking for adventure. The Rifter entered Arnon, banked smoothly and warped to an asteroid belt; lots of secure cargo containers but nothing of interest. The next belt had a Retriever in it and three rats were moving towards it with murder in mind. The Retriever deployed three warriors and engaged. A quick check on Show Info showed a new character and so Starwalker moved in to loot any rat wrecks and give the Retriever an opportunity to fire on him.

Suddenly the belt seemed to get busy as both a Caracal and a Thorax arrived. It was not clear whether they were co-operating or not but it seemed a little suspicious, however, no guts no glory. So Starwalker looted the next wreck then headed towards another wreck. The Thorax targeted and then fired from only about 3.5km away - the fight had started. Starwalker ignored the wreck and immediately burnt towards the Thorax with the afterburner fired up and targeting it. Starwalker’s heart was pounding as the autocannons burst into life and the Rifter entered orbit at 1000m and scrambled the Thorax. The scramble was applied a little late but the fight was really on and someone was going to die very soon.

The Retriever and Caracal decided that they wanted no part of the fight and left, leaving the Rifter and Thorax to bludgeon each other. Starwalker wasn’t taking much damage but turned on the Damage Control anyway, to avoid any accidents via a wrecking shot. The guns and rockets were blazing away hitting solidly for around 150 and 33 damage respectively. A quick check of the log showed that the Thorax was missing far more than hitting. Starwalker watched mesmerised as the red lines went through shields and then armor and then structure. It was over – Starwalker’s first solo kill (http://r1fta.killmail.org/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=10011205) and above class too.

The adrenalin rush was great and Starwalker was so pleased at the achievement of killing a Thorax solo that ded Mitrich’s pod got away. Even sweeter was the 5 medium blasters that dropped, providing an overall cash injection of about 14m ISK, very nice indeed. Given this fight occurred in hisec, after Starwalker got a GCC from stealing loot, there was no impact to security status.
When Starwalker checked the killmail it was a little disappointing that a rat had ninja’d a slot on the kill but then surely 1% damage doesn’t count :-).

1 comment:

  1. The Thorax looked like a fail fit but solo kill is always nice, especially the first one.