6 July 2012

Rebel Roam from Eugales

Rebels gathered in Eugales for the roam organised by Peri Simone. It was composed of a motley collection of ships ranging from various T1 frigates to Ruptures and even a Hurricane. Kaeda Maxwell performed the +1 scout duties and the roam headed out towards Aeschee.

Within three jumps Kaeda reported a Merlin, Hookbill and Thrasher at a Gallente Major Outpost and the fleet warped in. Starwalker landed close to the Thrasher and immediately set point and opened fire, he was too far away from the Merlin or Hookbill to worry about them. The Merlin settled into a tight orbit and along with other fleet members was pouring damage into the Thrasher.

Then it got interesting as the militia - Black Rise Guerilla Forces - called for help and suddenly it was a raging battle with lots and lots of ships engaged. It was amazing how quickly the militia piled in but then Peri Simone really went to work - cool, calm and collected and calling targets. Starwalker listened for the targets and melted face: Thrasher, Thrasher, Thrasher and Cormorant. He knew that at some point with all the ships in melee he would be targeted but until then he focused on the called targets.

As the Cormorant went down Starwalker found himself targeted and the combined fire from multiple ships simply overwhelmed his tank in seconds and the Merlin was gone. Starwalker called out in fleet that he was down and as he departed in his pod he could still hear Peri Simone calling targets as the Rebels fought to the last man standing. It was a great fight.

The fleet, shipless but happy and in high spirits returned to Eugales to re-ship and they resolved to get further than five jumps next time. The fleet set off again and indeed they did get further with Kaeda Maxwell looking for targets but nothing of real interest except this unlucky Rupture. Unfortunately, Starwalker was so far away from it when he landed that he was lucky to even get onto the killmail.

The Rebel roam was heading back to base when a cruiser gang was spotted in Frarie by Tomba. Kaeda Maxwell was soon scouting them down to a complex and suggested taking down the Thoraxes first. The Rebels warped in and Peri Simone got on with calling the targets, although they were some distance away. Starwalker eventually got there and started on the Thorax, Rupture, Maller and Arbitrator

No more targets, at least not nearby, Milo Caman in his Rupture had killed some Rebels and managed to survive and was burning away as the last of the cruiser gang went down. The Rebels left him and went to a safe to wait out GCC and return to Eugales in the next system. It had been a very good night and two excellent fights.

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