11 July 2012

Merlin Challenged by Merlin

Starwalker was in Eugales with some other Rebels chasing around targets that were teasing for a fight but not actually fighting. It was whilst this was going on that a new Merlin appeared in system and after some running around challenged Starwalker's Merlin to a duel. Of course, it was accepted.

After the challenge was accepted the pilot, geddy lee1, was then nervous about fighting at the sun with all of the other Rebels around. However, he was assured that R1FTA honoured duels and the fight eventually commenced at the sun with various spectators.

The Merlin's were soon both at point blank range with blasters firing away. Starwalker was Neutron Blaster fit with a Medium Ancillary Shield Booster and expected something very similar from geddy lee1. However, as the fight progressed the incoming damage was fairly anemic and Starwalker did not even need to cycle his booster. The opposing Merlin soon erupted into a ball of fire and it was over. Random duel accepted and won - very rare.

Starwalker was surprised at how easy the fight was and had expected it to be much tougher. Looking at the pilot he had over six hundred kills, although the vast majority seemed to be as part of a gang. The fit itself was reasonable with a focus on resists but the fit itself was not really very good for taking on blaster fits as the rig resists would play no part in the fight.

Starwalker had not used active tanks very much at all to date but the recent experience with the ancillary shield booster had whetted his appetite for more active tanks and he would spend some time looking at active armour tanking. Starwalker had maximum frigate skills for Caldari and Minmatar but could easily add Amarr or Galente as needed. One of the joys of EVE skill training - anyone could do training for anything.

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