9 July 2012

Hawk Down in another Gate Camp

Starwalker was cruising around in Black Rise in his Hawk and finding it quiet. He noticed local spike with a few pilots and immediately recognised Daggaman as one of the gate campers that had got his Merlin. He waited at a planet to see where they were going but they stayed in system.

Eventually, he decided to leave the system and went to the out gate, unfortunately they were on that gate and Starwalker wondered whether if he jumped through immediately he could get away but the gang split with some of them going to the other side. They were clearly prepared for action on both sides of the gate.

As Starwalker jumped through he resolved to wait a little bit to see if they moved on or whether they were specifically hunting his Hawk now. They waited and as the gate timer ticked down Starwalker decided to try to burn back to the gate. It didn't matter - he was dead within seconds and podded again.

Gate camps - the bane of New Eden. It was one of the reasons that he had left Metropolis because of regular gate camps in the Auner to Dal pipe, especially at Eszur. Starwalker had no issue losing ships in fights but hated losing them in gate camps.

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