4 July 2012

Merlin Meets its Maker

Starwalker was still waiting for his GCC to finish when Lost Touch challenged him to a duel. As always, this seemed like a duel that he was destined to lose but naturally Starwalker accepted and noted that he would need to repair first as his ship was still on fire from the previous encounter.

After repairing, Starwalker considered whether to change the fit but he decided to stay with his gank fit as whilst it was a glass cannon he had enjoyed melting face in it. He had considered other Merlin fits and the Alliance X Tournament had seen a number of ships using the Ancillary Shield Booster. So perhaps he would use that module soon, indeed, he had defined just such a fit in fitting a Merlin.

Similarly, whilst Starwalker liked the face-melting DPS he also wanted a little more tank and there was a balance to be had between DPS and tank. Starwalker went to the sun and Lost Touch arrived in an Incursus. No doubt Lost Touch would be confident of a win and Starwalker wondered whether this would be the first challenge to a duel that he had accepted that he would win. He had pretty much lost to higher ranked/better pilots every time so far.

The approach went well and the fight was on. Starwalker had his dual web applied and his blasters were doing their face melting thing. The Incursus in turn was not hanging around and its blasters were doing a number on the Merlin's shields. The Incursus went into armour and then started to repair, it was clearly active tanked but it seemed to be losing the battle as it dipped into structure.

However, the Merlin was suffering too and was deep into armour. The Incursus repaired a little and lost a little more tank and seemed to be going down but Starwalker's Merlin was also now in structure and it was going to be a race to see whose structure survived. There was an explosion and at first Starwalker thought that the Incursus had gone but that was not the case - he was in his pod.

Lost Touch noted that his Incursus was a dual repair fit and that he had been bait tanking - so apparently it was not as close as Starwalker had first thought. In retrospect, Starwalker thought that he could have improved:
  • Incursus was likely to be blaster fit too, so dictate range with the dual web fit
  • Based on range control, dictate the range of the fight, probably to be around 4km or just outside of normal blaster range
  • Given a fight at 4-5km rather than 1-2km use Null ammunition

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