12 July 2012

Incursus and Rifter Jump Merlin

Starwalker was scouting for StarStepper at the sun in Oulley and noticed that there was a gate camp waiting for those coming from Orvolle. What he didn't notice immediately was an Incursus landing nearby, it was just under 10km away and it had not targeted Starwalker's Merlin yet. That was strange or may be it had literally just arrived.

Starwalker did not hesitate and engaged the Incursus, and almost as soon as the fight started a Rifter came in too and targeted his Merlin. The Incursus was firing and trying to maintain a range of around 7km but with a web applied the distance closed to 2km. However, with two close targets available Starwalker made a decision to take down the Rifter and opened fire.

He felt sure that the Incursus would be difficult to kill and the Rifter would be much easier - he also wanted to take at least one down before his ship exploded. The damage was coming in hot and fast and given how his shields had evaporated Starwalker knew that he was unlikely to survive this encounter but he was determined to take the Rifter with him. The Rifter started to take serious damage.

The Merlin was on fire with the shield booster desperately trying to forestall the fiery end, at least long enough for the Rifter kill. The Rifter exploded first and then the Merlin followed soon afterwards. Starwalker got his pod away and was satisfied with the kill.

In retrospect he should have realised that the Incursus was railgun fit by the range and initial damage profile. Consequently, he should have started firing sooner and tried to stay close to the Incursus as the Rifter would probably have also stayed close. With the Incursus railgun and web fit Starwalker was unsure if his Merlin could get under its guns and stay there to reduce the incoming damage but it would have been worth trying.

Starwalker also considered that if he was a better pilot then maybe he could have taken them both down and his Merlin survived to tell the tale. Something to aspire to.

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