2 July 2012

First Alliance Roam

The Black Rebel Rifter Club is now part of an alliance - The Devil's Tattoo. The boss Miura Bull had this to say "This isn't going to be an alliance in the traditional sense of the word. There will be no new strange corps joining or plans for any other alliance behaviour or anything that strays from our roots of a 'not giving too much of a fcuk attitude'. Essentially it will be as you were for the most part. The main reason for this alliance formation is to facilitate a feeder corp." The feeder corp is named Black Dragon Fighting Society [BDFS]. 

Starwalker liked R1FTA and would remain in the new alliance as he hoped there would be no undesirable changes. Almost by default the first alliance event was the regular roam that Kaeda Maxwell had organised, although given no current real members for BDFS perhaps that first real event would wait for another day.

The roam set off from Eugales with Peri Simone performing +1 scout duties. He located a pair of Tengus and pointed one but before the Rebel fleet could arrive on the scene he was in his pod and the Tengus were leaving. However, the main action was with a Hurricane and Loki on a stargate. The Hurricane aggressed the T1 frigate fleet and the fight was on.

The Rebels focused on the Hurricane, piloted by Unidentified Player, and poured their combined DPS into its tank. Before long the Hurricane was in armour but more ships had arrived in the form of a Proteus and Loki. Starwalker had no idea what was going on but as the Hurricane started to go into low armour he remained on this target even though he was twice jammed out of the fight.

However, even more ships had arrived and Starwalker was suddenly taking a lot of damage but rather than trying to flee he stayed on the Hurricane to hopefully get the kill. The incoming damage was too much and he could do no more - his Merlin exploded. He decided to leave immediately to avoid being podded and didn't know whether the remaining Rebels had gotten the Hurricane - they did

Although looking at the killmail it was only achieved with a little help from Kmelx and friends. However, Kmelx's friends - Sparkus Volundar and Tycser - were also on Starwalker's lossmail, so apparently they were simply wading in on the fight. The good news was the Hurricane was down and so Starwalker returned to base content with the kill.

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