25 June 2011

Accidental Salvager

Whilst Jita was suffering a mass protest Starwalker was scanning down mission runners to have a go at Ninja Salvaging. The intent was simple enough:
·         Take the Probe and scan down a battleship class ship
·         Bookmark the scanned ship
·         Warp to the bookmark in the Probe and apply cloak if needed
·         Observe mission runner and decide when to enter with the Vigil salvager fit
Of course the master plan failed miserably as Starwalker took nearly 30 minutes to find and then scan down a battleship. It looked easier on YouTube. The key problems were:
1.    Finding no decent scan targets
2.    Finding a scan target, which is then lost on subsequent scan
3.    Reducing the scan radius resulting in loss of target
However, a Raven battleship was finally bookmarked and Starwalker warped in... only to find blue wrecks. So much for ninja salvaging the Raven had gone and left behind the dregs. Starwalker wondered if it was worth collecting the remaining loot and salvaging the wrecks and decided that the only way to know for sure was to do it. So, he went about this task and in the process became an accidental salvager, not exactly the master plan.

The only good news was that the Vigil made short work of salvaging the wrecks and the proceeds were collected and sold at market for a grand total of about 4m ISK. Most of that 4m ISK came from the salvage but it was simply not worth the hour spent getting it, from the first scan to items sold on market. Unless desperate.
This view is based on the income from level 4 mission running. Dependent on the level 4 mission, Starwalker had previously seen the mission value including salvage total somewhere between 20m-30m ISK on average. This was when using a battlecruiser (Drake) rather than a battleship and did not include missions like an Angel Extravaganza.
The 4m ISK haul was clearly disappointing and also a reflection that this is simply what the mission runner left behind. Well, time to get into a Rifter and seek some fun.

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