24 June 2011

Completed Move to New Base

It was painful and laborious but Starwalker has now moved to a new base for operations, with a selection of ships acquired for use in fireball cocktails:

The move from Kador, Citadel and Forge required lots of round trips in the specially trained Mammoth and involved 238 jumps. Starwalker was not happy. Suggestions to use the Red Frog freight service were looked at but with Starwalker’s modest wallet and big ambitions it was an easy decision to accept the pain and get on with it.
There are a total of 31 Rifters that will find their way into service and they will all become fireballs, destroyed in a blaze of glory. Lick and a Promise will be the first Rifter in the queue. A few other ships are also around to play with and try experimental fits: Thrasher and Rupture. The Thrasher proved a deadly opponent and so it is worth taking a closer look at what it can do, so the appropriate artillery skill training is in progress. Of course, Starwalker already has small autocannon specialisation so no need to train that. The Rupture is a cruiser class ship that Starwalker is not fully trained for yet but it too will taste action in time. This will be the next step up before getting into Assault Frigates and Battlecruisers.
The Probe and Vigil have a different purpose in mind and Starwalker will see if he likes to Ninja Salvage: maybe, maybe not. However, it should help replenish some of the ISK that has gone on buying a small selection of fittings.
Now, Starwalker is ready to move out into the surrounding systems looking for adventure and danger.

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