15 June 2011

War Declaration Xenophabai

R1FTA declared war against Xenophabai, primarily located in Luse and surrounding systems in Verge Vendor. Starwalker moved two Rifters and assorted fittings to Essence as a nearby location to the war targets.

Tuesday night had no game time as the DDoS attack by LulzSec on the EVE Online login servers prompted CCP to take down the Tranquility Server for hours as a safety precaution. Consequently, Wednesday became the first opportunity for Starwalker to roam looking for a fight.

The roam started and meandered through Luse and surrounding systems but the only two war targets spotted docked up immediately or were already docked up. Despite hanging around for a while it was clear no one was willing to come out and play as one of those two war targets logged off.

Resigned to heading back to base Starwalker set off still looking for a fight but not finding anyone. The only excitement, if that is the right word, on the return journey was being kicked out of EVE by what looked suspiciously like another DDoS attack. If it was a DDoS attack then that is simply becoming tiresome and the fools perpetuating this should stop.

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