8 December 2013

Battleship Down

Starwalker had an Hyperion sitting in Adirain and he decided that he would take it out for a spin and see what trouble he could get into with it. He had visions of running into a small cruiser gang and perhaps going down in a blaze of glory taking a few with him. The reality was a little different.

The Incursus with his buddies in a Crow and a Deimos didn't really have the firepower to take down the battleship and the Incursus got a little too close. What was not so good for Starwalker was that the range was completely dictated by the small gang and as the Deimos started taking some serious damage it simply moved out of range. With the Incursus down and the Deimos chased away they gave up and he continued on.

Killing a frigate in a battleship wasn't what Starwalker had in mind when he started the roam and the Crow that landed 100km away seemed to be more of the same. However, when that Crow started to close in at over 8km/s he knew that this was no ordinary Crow. It quickly established a scramble and the lumbering battleship could not hit it, worse the Hobgoblin IIs could not hit it. The Hyperion was trapped and that was not a good sign.

The arrival of the rest of the gang - an Oracle, Vagabond and Maelstrom sealed the Hyperion's fate. Since the gang never closed into the range of the battleship's blasters it was even more galling that Starwalker could take nothing down with him. Mercifully it was over quickly and the proud Hyperion was simply an expensive wreck.

 It was a stark reminder that small fast ships are exceptionally hard to hit in big ships. Whilst Starwalker was usually in the small ship it was interesting to see it from the other side.

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