11 August 2013

Strategic Base Moved

Starwalker had a strategic base at Hek, where Starstepper was located. Hek contained all of his ships, modules, equipment and ammunition and Starstepper transported it as needed to Covryn and Gultratren. That transportation requirement had gone up considerably over the last three months because Starwalker had more time in space and had lost more ships:
  • July 2013 - 35 ship losses to 152 kills
  • June 2013 - 27 ship losses to 76 kills
  • May 2013 - 18 ship losses to 73 kills
This compared to a prior average of around 8 ship losses per month and 20 kills. Starwalker had deliberately kept each base of operations at a few fitted ships because the ships he flew and the way they were fitted varied. Consequently, this higher level of activity meant that a lot of Mammoth logistic trips had been done in the last three months - and he wanted to spend less time doing transportation.

The simplest solution was to make Covryn his strategic base with a small selection of additional fitted ships at operational bases at Gultratren and Adirain. Logistically, that decision involved moving more than 3,500,000 cubic metres and twelve billion ISK worth of stuff, well beyond what he would reasonably attempt by himself.

So multiple contracts were setup for Black Frog and Red Frog and everything was moved to Covryn and Stacmon. All the modules, equipment and ammunition went to Covryn along with a small number of T1 and T2 frigates. Many more frigates and some destroyers, cruisers and battlecruisers went to Stacmon.

The Mammoth had a capacity of around 18,000 cubic metres and so it could move any battlecruiser or smaller ships as needed the one jump from Stacmon to Covryn. The irony for Starwalker was that he had just completed the relocation but would have less time in space going forward and so perhaps the move was not really needed at all. If so, he had just wasted around two hundred million ISK.

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