2 August 2013

Spin in a Megathron

Starwalker liked flying frigates but occasionally he would fly something larger just for the fun of it. He had a Megathron parked in Adirain and decided to move it to Covyrn for no real reason apart from the fact that he could.

As he was travelling he noticed a Harbinger in an asteroid belt. It seemed unlikely that he would catch a ratting battlecruiser as he only had fit a Micro-Jump-Drive (MJD) fitted and no other propulsion module. The MJD was there as an escape mechanism with its ability to jump forward 100km when not scrambled. Inevitably the Harbinger was 30km away from the warp-in point and easily escaped.

As Starwalker landed on the out gate a little Condor arrived too and both ships jumped through. On the other side the Condor locked the Megathron and established a long point at around 20km. There was no chance the Condor could take down the Megathron alone so it must be for a gang. Starwalker shot at it to show interest and of course the large hybrid turrets had a virtually zero chance of inflicting any damage. The Hoboglin IIs were no more successful than the large turrets.

However, after a couple of minutes nothing else showed up and it seemed pointless to be pointed by a Condor without a fight so Starwalker aligned to a celestial and started his MJD. A few seconds later he was 100km away and then warping on to the celestial.

Not far from Covryn Starwalker jumped into a cruiser gang and his heart sank. There were about a dozen cruisers and faction cruisers of all different varieties, ranging from 10km to 30km away. He held cloak to see if they were simply moving through but they waited. It seemed that he would die as this was a gate camp but he selected the out gate to be able to align and MJD when he had killed the close tackle. He decloaked.

The Megathron slowly aligned and the gate camp seemed confused as to whether to engage or not. Precious seconds went by and then one cruiser started to target but before the lock resolved the Megathron had warped. Starwalker was surprised and pleased to have "survived" but also ambivalent about going back to take on so many cruisers, in short, he did not know what the Megathron was capable of yet.

So, discretion being the better part of valour Starwalker continued his journey and docked up. No doubt he would lose the Megathron at some point but he did not intend to throw it away by trying to take on too many ships.

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