26 August 2013

Mission Failure Through Distraction

The mission was very simple - fit a Caldari Navy Hookbill for the Rebel roam and move it from Covryn to Adirain. The problem was that Starwalker got distracted from the primary objective by a cynosural beacon in Dastryns. He warped in and it was just a Reaper, it was not really worth killing it but that had never stopped him previously and so this Reaper was soon just another wreck in space.

A quick scan revealed a Navitas at a deadspace complex and he was sure that he had killed that capsuleer before. If he remembered rightly, the capsuleer was AFK before and so it proved again as first the Navitas was destroyed and then Hungry Sally's pod.

Given that he was so close to Covyrn Starwalker decided to drop off the corpse, to add to his gruesome collection of bodies. So having returned to base he had effectively gone nowhere but at least he had two kills to show for it. At the undock another Hookbill appeared on scan and soon Starwalker was at the deadspace complex.

The target Hookbill wanted to fight but it seemed to be rather strangely fit as no point was applied and given that he was firing missiles he was far too close to the beacon and warp-in point. With the scramble and web applied immediately the light missile Hookbill was in a straight DPS race and against rockets that was a losing race. The targeted Hookbill soon exploded.

After having dropped off the loot again Starwalker finally set off again to drop the Hookbill in Adirain. He had gotten a few jumps into the trip when he spotted an Incursus at a deadspace complex and it just seemed too tempting to keep going and pass it by. So he warped in to a complete surprise.

He was met at the acceleration gate by two Corax destroyers and a Federation Navy Comet. Starwalker activated the gate to try to escape but he was almost instantly locked and scrambled. It was futile to try and run as he MWD fit but he decided to check if a scramble was applied or a long point by aligning to the sun and hitting his MWD - he was scrambled.

Whilst he thought he would not have time to kill anything he decided to web, scramble and shoot the Comet. The incoming damage was too great for the Hookbill to survive and the only question was whether he could take the Comet with him. Unfortunately a Comet in low armour did not count and the Hookbill succumbed to the three man gang, still firing until the very end.

Mission failure complete. He had been distracted by killing ships along the way and he had now lost the Hookbill. He would have to head back to base and fit up another one and move that one to Adirain instead. At least he had killed a few ships with it before he had lost it.

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  1. I stumbled upon a wrecked hauler on a gate in low sec some months ago with it's cargo still intact. Strange that no one had looted it. I quickly brought in a Viator and one of the items onboard was a Caldari Navy Hookbill. I had no idea how to fit it or exactly what to do with it in non-FW low sec until your post (I mostly fly BC's that need to withstand gate guns).
    Think I'll try it out. Many thanks!