20 May 2013

27 Month Review

Starwalker was still patrolling the space lanes of New Eden mainly in frigates. It was a conscious choice to fly mainly T1 frigates as he enjoyed the flying style and the loss of ISK was easy to absorb. Over that time he had gravitated towards the blaster frigates, although he liked missiles and rockets too. The neutron blaster Merlin had established itself as his favourite T1 frigate.

He had recently started to take much more notice of range control, especially with the predominance of fast kiting ships in space. Range control was an area that he felt he was improving but also that there was more improvement to be had. The same was true of manual piloting and Starwalker had resolved to do more to improve his flying skills. Indeed recently he had been practicing flying the slingshot manoeuvre with Brink Albosa.

Starwalker was sure that he would continue to fly many other ships and try different fits as he enjoyed experimenting. He had recently purchased PLEX to allow for the loss of more expensive ships, in particular the pirate faction frigates that he had never flown. He felt that he was ready to lose his first Dramiel or Daredevil. He also felt that he was a better pilot than he had been, as he was more aware of ships and what they could do and his own capabilities and limitations. Starwalker was killing more ships than he was losing and that was his ultimate goal.

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