14 April 2013

Over Confident Hookbill and Breacher

Starwalker scanned a Tormentor and Atron at a medium complex and decided whether to go in. It was possible that they were fighting or more likely that they were lying in wait for their next victim. He looked at the Caldari Navy Hookbill and decided that he would go in, what was the worst that could happen - loss of ship and pod?

He arrived at the warp-in and noticed that there were two flashy pilots but then the Tormentor disappeared and Starwalker assumed it was either destroyed or warped away and had left its Hobgoblins on the field. He targeted the Atron and engaged and surprisingly it seemed to be doing really good damage as the Hookbill shield went down fast.

Before Starwalker really knew what was happening his shield was gone and then the Tormentor reappeared but it was too late for the Hookbill as it exploded. It was only when he looked at the killmail did he realise that more than half of the damage had come from the drones. He was baffled as to exactly what (or how) that had happened.

After returning to base Starwalker undocked in a Breacher, for the first time. He wasn't sure whether he really liked the scram kiters, although he really respected what the Hookbill could do. The ship only lasted a few minutes after landing at zero on a Merlin, which proceeded to murder the Breacher in short order.

When Starwalker lost a brawler to a kiter he felt like he should try a kiter himself. When he lost a kiter to a brawler he wondered why he was trying the kiter as he favoured brawlers. This time was no different and he decided to get a new delivery of Merlins to the station, he really liked the neutron blaster fit. The other Breacher that was in station was returned to Hek, it had been a short flirtation with the ship.

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