16 December 2012

Enyo versus Enyo in Placid

Placid was living up to its name as Starwalker had spent some time wandering around looking for targets but found nothing of interest. He had also experimented with his overview settings and had now changed them yet again.

Starwalker liked the one size fits all approach to most things but the overview, like ships and fittings, was almost impervious to that approach. It was simply better to focus on some key scan objectives and meet those rather than obtain a long laundry list of all possible useful results from a scan.

Consequently he had decided to go for the default choices: All, PvP, Drone and WarpTo with one custom one based on PvP that focused on targets - namely ships, drones and NPCs. The intent was to:
  • Use All in emergencies only when trying to find some general object
  • PvP had default locations for fights such as gates, stations, belts and so that doubled as the target scan option too. Ideally, it would help locate targets to the nearby object and warp in
  • Drones - to separately identify drones from ships, especially during small fleet engagements when the overview was cluttered with multiple targets
  • WarpTo - GTFO option to warp away when the ship was close to being destroyed or destroyed
  • Target - focused on ships, drones and NPCs and also included wrecks and biomass to loot ships and claim corpses

Starwalker had reset his overview and was returning from Eugales when he noticed an Enyo on scan and only one other pilot in system - DeadRow. He checked the pilot and he was Wanted with a -7 security status, so he could be engaged on the gate without sentry fire. Starwalker was also in an Enyo and since he had set his warp to automatic jump he jumped out of system and waited on the other side.

He aligned to the out gate, started to burn for it and overheated his modules. The target Enyo jumped in and Starwalker immediately locked it up and burnt towards it. DeadRow was clearly looking for a fight and the damage started to come in very quickly but the outgoing damage was also fierce. This Enyo had been designed to melt-face with close on 400 DPS.

Both ships entered armour and DeadRow released his secret weapon - a Hobgoblin II and that reminded Starwalker to release his energy destabilising drone, which was quickly despatched and destroyed. Both ships entered structure as Starwalker's capacitor ran dry and he then could only fire periodically but both ships were close to destruction. Luckily, DeadRow's Enyo exploded first and he quickly warped his pod away, wishing a GF. Starwalker saluted him, scooped the loot and appropriated the drone for good measure.

Afterwards, Starwalker got a bounty too of just under 11m ISK, he was pleased with the result, especially when he found out that DeadRow was a top ranked pilot. The victory was even sweeter with ISK but it was short-lived. He lost his Enyo in an almost identical fight with Jack Starbuck, another top ranked pilot at a complex. May be if he had released his Hobgoblin II earlier that would have made all the difference but alas it was not to be and Starwalker returned to Covryn in his pod.

1 comment:

  1. Guys named "Jack" can be very tough...

    I think you can negate the automatic jump through gates by hitting Control-Space while in warp to the gate. You'll then warp to the gate at zero but not jump automatically.

    Nice job on that first Enyo! Sounds like an exciting fight!