21 September 2012

Losing Streak Continues

Starwalker was losing his stock of ships fast. The Rebels had a small battlecruiser roam on and there was a Hurricane, Drake and two Rifters in fleet. It may have been wiser to actually have a battlecruiser fleet plus a scout but the Rebels set out anyway from Heild.

They got as far as Bosena, one jump away, where there seemed to be a few targets of opportunity and so the Rebels moved to a safe and started looking more closely. Whilst this hunting was going on the scout managed to lose his Rifter to a Thrasher but returned in an Enyo instead. Meanwhile the other Rifter had gone to the next system to see what targets were around. 

A Talos then appeared nearby, the Rebels had been scanned down and were being engaged. The decision was to fight and the Hurricane, Drake and Enyo went to work just as an Oracle and another Talos joined the fray. With three tier 3 battlecruiser on the field, the scales had tipped towards Gunpoint Diplomacy.

The fleet commander made the call to disengage - if possible - as it was clear the fight was going South but it was too late for the Hurricane and Drake as they went down in quick succession. Starwalker got his pod away and made his way back to Heild. For him the roam was finished as he had no other battlecruisers locally.

In retrospect, Starwalker felt that his heavy missile damage was under-powered. That was not because his missile skills were inadequate but because the missile damage was generally lower as a long range (70-80km) weapon system. He also forgot to engage with his Warrior II's, although that extra damage would not have changed the outcome.

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