19 July 2014

R1FTA Director

R1DER had been going through a lot of change and yet another CEO had stepped down. One of the side-effects had been that Starwalker was "promoted" to director within R1FTA. This was thoroughly undeserved. Starwalker had always had a low profile within R1FTA, content to just get into a ship and head out into space - solo. He would participate in fleets but otherwise he had generally stayed in the background.

If Starwalker was so inclined he could now abscond with R1FTA assets and ISK, however, he was not so inclined and he already had a hangar full of ships and fittings and enough liquid ISK. More importantly what should he do differently as a director - if anything? The role was described as "administrative" only and the only real requirement was to be visible and perhaps occasionally have a quiet word with other pilots. That remit did not seem too onerous but time would tell. 

Strangely this had coincided with Starwalker spending less time in space and potentially considering a longer break. He had been flying around in New Eden and in R1FTA for over three years without a real break. As always, Starwalker had no real plan - just short term objectives and currently he did not even have that. Perhaps that in itself was a problem and he should do more than see what would happen next. Something to think about.

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  1. Director doesn't mean a lot just do what you normally would do and approve applications and such.