1 January 2014

Black Rebel Hawk Down

Starwalker liked the Hawk, it was a capable ship with an excellent tank and adequate DPS. Rockets were not a high damage system but had the advantage of a consistent level of damage over the entire range, unaffected by traversal velocity or tracking disruptors.

[Hawk, AB2MASB]

Damage Control II
Co-Processor II

1MN Afterburner II
J5b Phased Prototype Warp Scrambler I
Stasis Webifier II
Medium Ancillary Shield Booster, Navy Cap Booster 50
Medium Ancillary Shield Booster, Navy Cap Booster 50

200mm AutoCannon II, Barrage S
Rocket Launcher II, Caldari Navy Scourge Rocket
Rocket Launcher II, Caldari Navy Scourge Rocket
Rocket Launcher II, Caldari Navy Scourge Rocket
Rocket Launcher II, Caldari Navy Scourge Rocket

Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
Small Warhead Calefaction Catalyst I

The Hawk's tank was provided by the dual medium shield ancillary shield boosters and they allowed it to take on more than one ship at a time. Sometimes taking on a one versus many was a decision taken before the fight started such as warping in to a small gang. At other times a one versus one became a one versus many.

Starwalker was inside a small complex around 70km from the warp-in when a Federation Navy Comet and Tristan entered. He aligned away and started to burn away, he did not want to appear too aggressive. The Tristan was clearly using a MWD and quickly closed to kiting point range of around 23km and launched a wave of drones. The Tristan was outside of Javelin range so Starwalker started to destroy the drones.

After having destroyed a good number of them the Comet arrived and ventured in close for the kill. Once in scramble range the Comet found itself the target of the Hawk's rockets and being orbited but it was not relying on just a Tristan to help as a Merlin and Imperial Navy Slicer also arrived in the complex to get a kill.

The Tristan strangely decided to leave, perhaps it decided that it wanted to get more drones, in any case the fight was now against the Comet, Slicer and Merlin. The Merlin came in to point blank and joined the Comet in applying the hurt but the Comet was nearly done and it soon exploded.

The Merlin decided to beat retreat and extracted itself from scramble range with no shield left and the Slicer was pushed out by the Javelins. They both decided to retreat but Starwalker was now after them. He knew the Slicer could run at any time but he might get the Merlin.

The only slight problem was that the Hawk was on fire so it would need careful management. The Hawk went in and the Merlin was soon in deep trouble and then another wreck but Starwalker had misjudged the level of damage coming in and the Slicer claimed the Hawk. It had been a good fight.

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