7 September 2013

Innocent Bystander Station Camped

Starwalker wanted to buy some Reactor Control Units and they were a few jumps away in Barleguet. It seemed very straightforward to simply go there, pick them up and come back again. He jumped into system and saw a cyno beacon and had automatically started to warp towards it when he noticed that local had 102 pilots.

The direction scan showed many war ships and he decided to cancel the warp but before he could do so the warp had initiated and he was on his way there. As he feared the cyno location was at a station that was seething with ships looking like they were station camping.

Starwalker docked up immediately, knowing that he was lucky that the cyno was on the station docking ring and not 10km-30km away. As an outlaw he doubted if his Kestrel would have been able to escape if he was 30km away from the station. The problem now was that he had been an innocent bystander but he was as much a prisoner in the station as all of the other pilots in the station.

After a couple of hours of rest and recreation at the station Starwalker undocked but he suspected that it would still be station camped as local had gone up to 126. This was in a system that he rarely visited but when he did it had been quiet with less than half a dozen locals and sometimes zero. The station was still surrounded by many ships and so he docked up again, he was going nowhere for now.

1 comment:

  1. Brave Newbies home system, 126 must have been a quiet night, it is usually more like 300 in there usually. :P

    I sometimes shop in there and don't usually have trouble undocking, as long as you're quick on the draw you can usually get out with just a few yellow boxes as you whizz off into the distance.