22 July 2013

Key Timers and Aggression

Starwalker had been enjoying the benefits of a higher security status than -5. In particular, this meant that he could wander around low-security star gates with minimal risk of being engaged, unless the aggressor was willing to tank the sentry gate guns. Very few aggressors did this as it was easier to simply wait for the next outlaw (flashy-red) pilot.

The trouble was that Starwalker enjoyed the kill and consequently his security status was back down to -5.4. It was only two weeks ago that it was -0.5. The good news was that pilots would be able to engage again without fear of repercussion from sentry guns at stations or star gates.

This very mechanic had tempted a Catalyst pilot when Starwalker (deliberately) undocked in his Coercer and slow boated towards it. Whilst Starwalker had wanted to tempt the Catalyst he had moved a little too close and the Catalyst had nearly succeeded in destroying his Coercer before it erupted into a fireball.

The bad news was that he would be very vulnerable to gate camps. Whilst his record over time of surviving a gate camp had improved considerably, he still lost ships. He had not yet taken out some of his shinier ships but the time would come. He would need to steel himself for the inevitable (and disappointing) loss of a shiny ship to a gate camp.

Whilst Starwalker contemplated these mechanics he decided to create a simple reminder of key timers for his life in low-sec space...
  • Session Change Timer (SCT) lasted for 10 seconds and applied in many situations, in particular
    • Jumping through a stargate, so could not jump back during SCT
    • Undocking, so could not redock during SCT
    • Joining fleet, so could not start another SCT like jumping whilst the SCT was active
  • Undock Invulnerability lasted for 30 seconds if no module was activated, movement initiated or target locked
    • Station campers could be avoided by stopping the ship and simply waiting for the SCT to complete to redock
  • Gate cloak lasted for 60 seconds after jumping through a stargate and the ship was invulnerable whilst the gate cloak was active
  • Weapons Timer (WT) lasted for 60 seconds after shooting (or using drones) or using any offensive module (scramble, web...) on another pilot. WT prevented jumping out of system or docking
  • Suspect Timer (ST) lasted for 15 minutes and allowed anyone to attack a suspect, including podding, without repercussion from Concord. ST was acquired by attacking another pilot, stealing from them or having a kill right activated
  • Kill Right was obtained by target pilot when they were attacked illegally i.e. attacker obtained a ST
  • Criminal Timer (CT) lasted for 15 minutes and was acquired by attacking a pilot's pod or assisting someone with a CT. If a CT was active in hi-sec space it prevented the pilot from warping or jumping and Concord destroyed the ship
  • Limited Engagement (LE) between pilots lasted for 5 minutes and was created by any pilot freely being able to attack another pilot with an active ST or CT, or the pilot was an Outlaw (-5 security status or lower). Once the LE was active both pilots could freely engage each other

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