14 June 2013

Falcon Turns the Tide

Starwalker and Jameson2011 had met by chance in the Bleak Lands and decided to journey together towards Essence. Starwalker was in his favourite Merlin and Jameson2011 was sporting a Federation Navy Comet. Both ships were very competent frigates and capable of putting out significant damage.

Jameson2011 spotted an Enyo at an asteroid belt and warped in with Starwalker following closely behind. The Enyo, piloted by Aranoch Firestone, was there but not ratting and soon Starwalker was in close with blasters hammering away on the armour. The Enyo looked like it was in trouble and going down, so Aranoch decided it was time to pull out an Ace. There was a reason the Enyo was not ratting and that reason decloaked, a Falcon, piloted by QxReyha, appeared 44km away.

If Starwalker had been solo he would have left immediately but with Jameson2011 still there trying to take down the Enyo he also stayed. It would be a close run thing as to whether the Enyo would succumb to the combined fire of the Comet and Merlin or the Falcon would turn the tide. 

Then the bad news started - the Comet was jammed as the Enyo entered low armour. Starwalker was fully overheated and using keep at range to maximise damage, the Enyo entered structure but then the Merlin was jammed too.

As soon as that second jam hit the chance of destroying the Enyo dropped to zero and soon it was all over. The Comet was destroyed and the Falcon still had the Merlin jammed so no further damage would be done to the Enyo, even though it was in structure. Now that there was no chance of a kill the only question was whether the Merlin could escape. Starwalker aligned out and made a run for it but it was no good, the Merlin was destroyed.


  1. What a faggot move. Can't kill two frigs in his Enyo so uncloaks a FAILKAN. I think I'd have burnt for the falcon and got those drones from the comet on it and ... hope. Probably wouldn't have made much difference but always worth a go. If you had 3 or 4 I think you'd have been able to kill falcon but of course he probably wouldn't have took that fight.

    meh falcons.