22 March 2013

Fortune Favours the Brave - Sometimes

Starwalker was cruising around in his Tristan and whilst he had aspirations to change the fit for something faster he had not done so yet. He spied a Tormentor in a complex and decided that it was fair game. It was not long before he was on grid and engaged.

The sequence of engagement was still a little haphazard, after all this time, because Starwalker was still trying to optimise the first few seconds when warping into the complex. In short, Starwalker often seemed to give commands too early or too fast and some of them got lost. He had also varied his approach from mainly clicking to using shortcut keys and clicking to then back to clicking.
The engagement started immediately as the Tormentor was simply waiting and his trap had been sprung. A Griffin arrived on grid and before long the Tristan was jammed and then destroyed. Afterwards Starwalker realised that he had wasted a few precious seconds, he should have targeted the Griffin immediately and set his drones on it. The DPS was coming from the Tormentor but the Griffin simply stopped the fight. The advantage with drones was that they would continue to attack the Griffin even if the lock was lost.

The Tristan loss was soon followed by the loss of a Merlin during a fleet fight after a long roam. It was an EVE battle where the Rebels had brought knives (T1 frigates) but the opposing fleet brought guns (T2 frigates, cruisers and battle cruisers). Given that the Rebels didn't even have an advantage in numbers it was inevitable that their little T1 frigates would become the focus of a turkey shoot. The only compensation was that this Rupture, which was first on the scene, was destroyed.

Starwalker headed back to base in his pod. He didn't mind the loss of his ship that was the nature of the beast - fortune favoured the brave, sometimes. More importantly, he now had to consider what ship to fly next as he had no other ships in station.

So he decided to bring in to Gultratren a couple of Caldari Navy Hookbills. He had flown them before and liked them but he was also wondering if a ~1.2km/s frigate had a better chance of catching a kiter than a ~1km/s frigate. A Kestrel on scan seemed the perfect opportunity to see what would happen, except it was brawling fit.

Whilst that was a surprise, Starwalker did not hesistate to send the Kestrel to the afterlife and he would have done the same for the pilot except he got away. Maybe next time he would see if the Hookbill could slingshot a kiter into range.

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