18 November 2012

Cousin Springs Myrmidon Trap

Starwalker was cruising around Molden Heath in his Enyo when Miss Carry saw him in local and invited him to fleet. Apparently, Miss Carry's cousin, who was not a Rebel, was about to spring a trap on his corporation mate. In short, the cousin was bringing his unsuspecting corpie, Oxall who was in a Myrmidon, to the Rebels.

The initial Rebel plan was to execute the Myrmidon in Bosena but Gunpoint Diplomacy in a Thrasher and Arazu were interferring with the setup of the trap. So after Miss Carry lost his Jaguar the fleet moved to Heild and waited there instead.

The Myrmidon arrived and was ganked mercilessly but unfortunately the pod managed to get away. Starwalker was happy with the kill - it was hardly a fair fight but that did not matter, there were many unfair fights in New Eden.

Whilst looking at the killboard he also noticed that after the Wednesday of Woe he had been undeservedly credited with a kill because the Retribution had not repaired its damage before being killed later by Sard Caid. Undeserved but Starwalker didn't really care, he had so few kills that every one counted.

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