19 August 2012

Two New Jump Clones

Starwalker was alerted to a new Jump Clone service offered by Sulieman Shouaa and wanted to take advantage of it. He had contemplated getting jump clones for over a year but had been too lazy to either get to the 8.0 standings required via missions or leave R1FTA to join Estel Arador as an alternative approach to get to those standings.

That laziness was rewarded recently when Sulieman offered a very simple service for 10m ISK per jump clone:
  • Go to his location, usually in or near Hevrice
  • Fleet up with Sulieman's character that has a ship with a medical bay
  • Pay the 10m ISK charge for each jump clone
  • Accept the invitation to create a jump clone
  • Dock up, pause training and then jump to the newly created clone
  • Restart training and disappear to whatever hole you came from with that clone 
Starwalker now has his original clone in Eugales and two jump clones that had been moved to Heild, Molden Heath and Fensi, Kor-Azor. This seemed like a nice spread of locations, although Kor-Azor was something of an unknown as Starwalker had never flown around that area. 

Sulieman had provided a fast and easy to use service and now that Starwalker had two more jump clones for ease of jumping to a different area he was undecided as to whether he needed more. The original intent was to get four jump clones but that now seemed excessive. So for now, Starwalker would stick with his two jump clones and enjoy the ability to simply jump around New Eden when needed.

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